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We Are Here for the Athlete...

If athletes wish to excel in their sports, they must train-in and off-season with intense interval workouts to prepare their body for more strenuous workouts and intense competition during the season. Xplode Sports Training is the ideal program to prepare these athletes to outperform their competition. All athletes enrolled in the program will receive a pre- and post-program evaluation to gauge results, including the Woodway Force Power/Watts/distance report.

Each session includes 60 minutes of intense sport specific drills and protocols along with CORE work and flexibility. Athletes may start a program any time. Many options are available, from individual 1:1 sessions, to pairs, to small groups and team 1.5 hr sessions.


2019-2020 Performance Training Packages

Bronze Speed/Agility Packages
A.) 12 sessions ... $150 (Run/Plyometrics)
B.) 12 Sessions Treadmill Program ... $125 (Speed Only)

Silver Strength Package*
 9-week Strength 3-Day/Week Strength Program (Sports Specific) ... $125
*Silver Packages have full use of the Xplode Facility

Gold Complete Package*
27 sessions ... $400 (Run/Plyometrics w/ 9 -week Strength Program)
*Gold Packages have full use of the Xplode Facility

The “X” - Xplode Package **Most Popular**
12 sessions ... $180 (Includes Xplode Olympic Weights)

Blue “Burn” Package (Circuit Training)
1 Month-12 Session Package ... $50 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7pm
**Proven Results, Xplode has had clients lose over 100lbs!!

*Bronze, Silver & Gold include optional Pre/Post testing. Programming geared to the goals of the athlete:
Woodway Force Power Output/Watts/Distance/Force Reports -Stride Mechanics, Plyometrics, Box Jump, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Sit & Reach.




10-SESSION 1:1 PACKAGE:   $800 (Call to discuss specifics) 

10-SESSION 1:2 PACKAGE:   $1000 (Call to discuss specifics) 

*(Includes Sports Specific Training, Mental Prep, Nutrition, Life as a Student-Athlete discussions) 

***Athlets committed to these packages have had huge developmental results, physically and mentally. 

** Xplode recommends that you train as a GROUP. Just organize a group of 5-6 athletes and we will give you a package deal! **

TEAM TRAINING (Our Facility or Yours)
Groups of 15 or Less ........... Call for details
*** Save 30% OFF of Individual Rates ***
Team Sessions Will Have Two Xplode Trainers Instructing:
*Woodway Treadmill Sport Specific Training
*Plyometric Agility Training (Sport Specific)
*Sport Specific Resistance/Plyometric Routines
*Team Packages Available Please call to Discuss.

**We train on field Soccer & Football Teams. 

NOTE: Every Session must be scheduled by calling Xplode at (651) 210-6390

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Xplode Sports Training Q & A

1.) What does the workout consist of? The XPLODE SPORTS Performance workouts consists of a dynamic warm-up and activation period, plyometric circuits, strength circuits, over speed/resistance Woodway training and sport specific conditioning. 

2.) How is the Woodway Force different from training on my treadmill at the gym? The Force is a special piece of equipment used in High End facilities to train speed in Elite, Professional, and Olympic athletes. With its unique design the Force uses the athlete as the motor to turn the belt. The Force also provides a breaking system that allows the coach to increase the load, thus increasing the resistance forcing the athlete to pull the selected amount of resistance. “The Force is a great tool to increase leg strength and naturally improve running form which all leads to making the athlete faster!”

3.) If I workout at school with my team will I still get benefits from this program? Yes! At XPLODE SPORTS TRAINING the athlete will perform a variety of sport specific drills and exercises that will target speed, agility, quickness, power, and anaerobic capacity. These functional movements will develop the athlete in his or her sport activity.  

4.) How much does it cost? It depends on the how many sessions are purchased up front, but it normally works out to be only $10-15 a session. 

5.) Are the sessions on a one-on-one basis? Sessions can vary in size depending on time of year, but each session is designed for one athlete to small groups up to fourteen athletes. The facility is staffed to handle the group size. All athletic movements will be evaluated by an Xplode Trainer.

6.) What kind of equipment is used? XPLODE SPORTS TRAINING facility is stacked with top of the line equipment. With equipment from Power Lift, i.e. Olympic Platforms, weights, plyometric boxes, the Woodway Force, the Woodway ELG and the power/force/speed and watts athlete reporting. 

Read up on the Treadmills Xplode has for our athletes @ www.woodway.com

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What are the Qualifications of Xplode Trainers?

Brett Harper, Exercise Science & Physiology MA, BS, USAW


Brett Harper has a passion for athletics and performance. Brett was an All-State high School Athlete in Football and Tennis. He was a 2 time Division II State Champion in Football, selected to participate in the Wisconsin All-Star Shriner’s Football Game, was a 2-time National Champion in Football at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Also was Rookie of the Year on the 1992 National Champion Team, played 10 years of hockey- 3 with the AAA Wisconsin Madison Capitols. Brett also coached youth Baseball and Hockey through college at Wisconsin LaCrosse. He then extended his professional career as a Strength and Conditioning coach at the Division I level (Western Michigan University) following his playing career. He received his Masters from Western Michigan University in Exercise Science and also holds many certifications, including a USA Olympic Lifting Certificate.

“Xplode has a passion to motivate and train athletes at all levels to prevent injury,
improve power, agility, strength and speed.”


Brian Grand, Exercise Science-BS

Site Director:

Brian Grand was an All-Conference, All-State high school athlete. Brian was a stand out MN athlete. Was a MN State Runner-Up in the Hurdles and was a top point getter in the State of MN (Soccer). Brian was a colligaite Scholarship Athlete at Drake University and ended his successful college career by Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with an Exercise Science degree. Brian has worked with athletes 1:1 and in team camp settings, all the way through his high school and college career and comes from a family with many years of coaching experience. Brian has extensive coaching experience with Minnesota United and the Stillwater Soccer Program. Brian has not only trained, but has been a teammate of some very Elite Athletes and is ready to pass this competitiveness and skill on to all the Xplode Athletes.


Kaleb Paehlke, Exercise, and Sports Science-BS, CSCS, USAW-L1SP
Assistant Site Director:
Kaleb Paehlke was a multi-sport athlete in high school who was a two-time All-Conference and All-Section (Football) award recipient for Chisago Lakes. Kaleb went on to play Football and pursue his Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Fitness from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Kaleb has completed Strength and Conditioning internships at the University of New Mexico working with their Football team and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working primarily with their Olympic Sports teams. He has also worked with multiple high schools working with their Football teams and Strength and Conditioning programs. 


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Xplode Athlete Results...


"I started training with Xplode in the winter of my senior year at Rush City High School. They took great care in their evaluation of my running mechanics and showed me what I needed to do to increase my speed and correct my form to prevent injury. I applied myself diligently to their instructions and saw great results!

Over the next couple months, I had the best season of my life! I stayed injury free and learned so much from Brett and everything they taught at Xplode.

It was only through the speed and power training I did with Xplode that allowed me to break the 2mi record at Rush City and run a 9:41 to place 5th at the State Meet. I would recommend Xplode to ANY athlete, young or old, that wants to improve their speed, power and performance."



“A quick FYI ... Logan had time trials in football last week and he was running as fast as some of the receivers and D-backs. Last year they were much quicker than he was, the training definitely paid off!” - BH


“These guys know their stuff. I have taken my daughters to other training facilities for their soccer and, specifically speed training, and the others do not even compare. The Woodway Treadmills are state of the art and the trainers' interaction with the kids are spot-on. My girls look forward to going to Xplode and the results are showing...” - TG


“If you have an athlete that wants to improve their athletic performance I strongly recommend Xplode Sports Training LLC. My family has been going to Xplode for strength and conditioning training and have noticed a definite improvement in their athletic performance and conditioning abilities. The trainers at Xplode gear the training to the current sport you are participating in as well as any specific skill you want to work on. You are trained to become a better athlete as well as the correct way to train.

We will continue to train at Xplode Sports Training and if you have anyone that wants to enhance their performance I recommend you check out Xplode Sports Training, it does make a difference!” - GW



"Your Military Bootcamp Prep Training made a HUGE difference in how I performed on my test!"


"Xplode Sports Training got me prepared for the next level. I thought I knew what training was all about. Let’s just say that following the Introduction Session I quickly realized I was not training properly- to prepare myself for my sport. The workouts are mechanic based and the trainers' motivation and attention to the details makes the difference.

Xplode prepared me for my collegiate sport not only physically, but also mentally. Following my 8-week Xplode program, I was in the best shape of my life."


They won by 1 point - good game. The special moment for me was when Nick was on defense and knocked a pass out and the ball headed out onto the middle of the court past the center line. Two St. Francis kids and Nick went after it. Nick got there first and in stride proceeded to dribble to the hoop and got the layup.

The part maybe only I realized at that time was that he didn't have a break from the game, no water, he was tired. I could see it, and he kept playing hard, he didn't stop. When he tipped the ball away he exploded to it with a burst of energy. At that moment I saw a different kid. Big stride, knees up, arms pumping, aggressive, confident. He was determined to win that battle. He didn't have all that last year - that something extra. That is an example of the difference his work at Xplode has made.

Those words I underlined are characteristics of successful people, not just athletes. Thank You Xplode. -AK


Train Unleased at XPLODE Sports Training

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